24 November 2016

The economy of gossip.

The mass-media make information on economic issues using pseudo-subjective data, halfway between parapsychology and astrology (the "Trust of consumers", the "Trust of Companies", the "Government forecasts"), and not, as natural, with objective data (the "Deficit", the "Public debt", the percentage ratio "GDP / Public debt"), and they give a voice to so-called "Rating agencies" which spread only predictions (namely, subjective data) instead of measurements (namely, objective data).

They want to convince you that no matter what you have in your wallet, but what that you have not more in your wallet and what that (probably) you will have in your wallet.

It does everything you can to smooth the hair for the political and economic power.

16 November 2016


It's been 47 years, and it is always just yesterday.

At first, was the glorious golden age; then, the nothing.

In Palestine, they would have called this as "al-Nakba" the catastrophe, the disaster.

A kind of definitive ethnic cleansing from the territory of the happiness and of the dignity, an expulsion from terrestrial paradise for sins that you never committed: after, it is only allowed a voyeuristic peek from outside.

08 November 2016

"Special" contributors (and amount of their contributions) of "CLINTON FOUNDATION".

Between $ 10.000.001 and $ 25.000.000:
- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;

Between $ 5.000.001 and $ 10.000.000:
- Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-'Amoudi (muslim ethiopian/saudi businessman),
- State of Kuwait,

Between $ 1.000.001 and $ 5.000.000:
- Nasser Ibrahim Al-Rashid (businessman of Saudi Arabia, influential advisor to the Saudi royal family),
- Friends Of Saudi Arabia,
- Walid Ahmed Juffali (businessman of Saudi Arabia),
- State of Qatar,
- Sultanate of Oman,
- Zayed family (family of Khalīfa bin Zāyed Āl Nahyān, President of the United Arab Emirates),
- United Arab Emirates,

Between $ 500.001 and $ 1.000.000:
- Abraaj Group (headquarter in United Arab Emirates),
- Akwa Group (headquarter in Morocco),
- Confederation Generale Des Entreprises Du Maroc,

Between $ 250.001 and $ 500.000:
- Abbas I. Al Yousef (businessman of United Arab Emirates),
- Farhad Azima (businessman of Iran),
- Embassy of Algeria,
- Morad N. Fareed (businessman of Palestina),
- Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee,
- Turki bin Faysal Al Sa’ud (member of the Saudi royal family),
- Hamza B. Al Kholi (Saudi citizen),
- Al Sayer Group (headquarter in Kuwait),
- Al-Dabbagh Group (headquarter in Saudi Arabia),
- Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation (headquarter in Saudi Arabia),
- Attijariwafa Bank (headquarter in Morocco),
- Qatar Foundation International,

Between $ 100.001 and $ 250.000:
- Musaed Nouri Al-Saleh Al-Mutawa (businessman of Kuwait),
- Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi (businessman of Kuwait),
- Hamza Al-kholi Group (headquarter in Saudi Arabia),
- Abdullah S. Kamel (businessman of Saudi Arabia),
- Kingdom of Bahrain,
- Masdar (city of United Arab Emirates),
- Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) Türk Ekonomi Bankasi,

etc., etc, …