12 March 2013

The Quirinale of the follies (or, the fish always stinks from the head).

The Italy is a country where the political class (of the traditional political Parties) receives public funding proportionally the highest in the world.

Not surprisingly, he who, more than all others, should push for a moralization of the cost of the policy (and, then, the President of the italian Republic) actually provides a very bad example in this regard.

In fact, in 2012, the Presidency of the italian Republic (based in Roma, in the Quirinale Palace) received an economic endowment absolutely crowds (€ 228.000.000,00!!!).

The Piazza del Quirinale with, in the background, the Palazzo del Quirinale.
To make a comparison based on numbers, just think of the economic corresponding budgets for the same period (2012) of the Presidencies of the largest democracies in the world:
- White house (U.S.A.) € 136.000.00,00
- Élysée (France) € 108.900.000,00
- Buckingam palace (United Kingdom) € 34.200.000,00.

The madness is even more gross than has hitherto demonstrated if you think that:
1) the President of the Italian Republic manages institutional powers much lower than those managed by the U.S. President or French President and substantially identical as those of the British monarchy,
2) Italy has a population (61 million) lower than that of the United Kingdom (63 million), of the France (65 million) and of the U.S. (313 million).

If even he (the President of italian Republic) who theoretically should provide the best example provides practically the worst example, you understand that in Italy is necessary and urgent a deep democratic revolution.

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