06 October 2013

Mater semper certa est, pater numquam.

Surrealia: "The sleeping beauty" (2010)

Prof. Maria Rosaria Marella (Professor of Private Law at the University of Perugia): "it appears, from surveys conducted by gynecologists and geneticists, that a percentage that goes from 10% to 15% of children born in the Italian families are not biological children of the husband of his mother" (2001)

Prof. Kermyt Anderson, assistant Professor in the Department of anthropology at the University of Oklahoma: "about 30 percent of those men [who actively seek out the paternity tests, because they doubt of their paternity] aren't the father" (2006)

Dr Bruno Dallapiccola (Geneticist at the University of Roma): "The childrens raised by a father who is not the real one, in Italy, are almost 10%. Of these, however, only a minority finds out the truth" (2009)

Dr Alvaro Mesoraca (Geneticist and molecular Biologist of Group Artemisia in Roma): "In Italy, at least the 10% of the childrens are illegitimate. A percentage, is estimated, that, in recent years, has even doubled" (2012)

"Cocu: chose étrange que ce petit mot n'ait pas de féminin!"
["Horned:  strange thing that this little word has not the female!"]
(J. Renard)

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