08 June 2016

Politically correct

The "politically correct" it is that bizarre thing invented by that bizarre nation who not consider uncivilized to have exterminated the Native American Indians and to have enslaved 12 million of Africans, as well as to be the biggest meat eaters in the planet and the largest arms manufacturers in the world, but that claims that is uncivilized do not build special latrines for a man that he feels a woman.

The "politically correct" it is that magic thing for which, if you find that is undernourished a child, son of vegans, in the mass-media will entitles "undernourished child, son of vegans", but if, instead, if you find that is undernourished a child, son of omnivorous, in the mass-media will entitles, simply, "undernourished child".

The "politically correct" it is that mysterious thing for which, if a policeman so-called white kills a so-called black, in the mass-media will titles "racially motivated murder" (maybe it is indeed true!), but if, instead, a so-called black he rapes and kills a underage so-called white, in the mass-media will titles, simply, "murder".

The "Politically correct" it is that enigmatic thing for which the same people who believe it's racist any attempt of sociological statistical analysis of the "blacks" as an group, then defend the "blacks" as group against discrimination.

The "Politically correct" it is that fanciful thing for which, if a man kills a woman or her daughter, you speaks of "femicide", but where if a woman kills a man who speaks of "murder" and if kills the son, you speaks of "infanticide" (it would be interesting see, in percentage, how many murders of child are committed by women, and always in percentage, how many times at the expense of male children).

The "politically correct" is this ingenious thing for which a female chairman wants to be called "chairwoman", but if then she supports the gender theory and if one feels a man, he may expect to be called "chairman", or, if one feels to not belong to any gender in a prevailing way, she might expect to be called "chairperson". So, in order not to be sexist according to these genialoids, you must not only guess what is the biological sex one of your interlocutor, but also what is his psychological sex and if there is a his prevalent sexual psychological identity.

The "Politically correct" it is that extravagant thing for which Mazda can call "Laputa" an his car, but we we are accustomed to call every whore "Escort" like if it were a Ford.

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