02 February 2013

The fake Albinoni.

The "Adagio in sol minore (G minor) (Mi 26)" is commonly known to have been composed by Tomaso Albinoni in the eighteenth century.

Instead, appears to have been composed, in 1958, by Remo Giazotto!

Giazotto had declared to have reconstructed this piece on the basis of a series of fragments of Tomaso Albinoni that he had found in the rubble of the library of the State of Dresden (the only library that possessed handwritten music scores of Albinoni) after the bombing of this city during the Second world War. Giazotto had indicated that this fragments were a part of a "slow movement sonata (or concert) in G minor for strings and organ on two thematic ideas and a numbered bass". However, never any relative fragment was subsequently found in the "Sächsische Landesbibliothek" in Dresden!

So, we can safely assume that Giazotto has lied. But we can say, more confidently, that this is the most beautiful musical "fake" ever was conceived by human!

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