02 February 2013

The crazy costs of the political Parties in Italy.

In 1974, in Italy, as introduced the public funding for the political Parties.
From 1994 to 2012, the State has paid to political italians Parties € 2,274,000,000,00 ($ 3.104.576.724,95)! But attention: of this dreadful sum, the political Parties have really spent only € 580.000.000,00 (only the 25%)! Therefore, the remaining 75% remained in their pockets!

In 1981 it was introduced in Italy, the public funding of newspapers and magazines (including tose in property of political Parties).
Since 1981, newspapers and magazines owned by the political Parties, in this way, they received about € 850,000.000,00 ($ 1.160.461.836,50)!

So, between public funding to political parties and public funding for newspapers owned by political Parties, the same Political Parties have earned in recent years, in total, the staggering amount of €,00 ($,46)!!!

We all understand that this system is economically unsustainable for any democracy, and only serves to reinforce the bureaucracy within the Parties (the only ones able to decide about the management of this huge amount of money). It is argued that abolition of public funding to political Parties (and their newspapers and magazines) would force the political Parties to depend on the financing of Lobbies and, therefore, to pass laws ad personam (laws contrary to the common good, but adopted for compensate the Lobbies of their generous contributions). In fact, the Italian political history of the past 19 years shows the total falsity of this claim (in the last 19 years, a massive public financing of political parties has not prevented Silvio Berlusconi to pass an avalanche of laws ad personam).

Few, however, speak of the only solution ethically and economically correct: the public funding to political Parties and to newspapers and magazines of political Parties without donations of money, but only through the free provision of services necessary for their activities.

P.S.: obviously, for a mere Christian piety, not to mention (for now) the salaries of Italian politicians...

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