28 January 2013

"Zoro": a social-aesthetic typology in Roma.

Looking, on the internet, all the explanations of the Roman dialectal word "Zoro" (in male) and "Zora" (in female), I read only an unbroken mass of inaccuracies.

In fact, it is said "Zoro/Zora" in order to define a subject with socio-cultural level very low and with clear origin from the most disadvantaged suburbs (called "borgate"), that tends to wear only black clothing, in this way putting in place a involuntary imitation of clothing fully black (black suit with a black coat, black hat, black mask) of Don Diego de la Vega (better know as "Zorro").

In addition, the Zoro/Zora driving the car of black colour (also this black car at involuntary imitation of the black horse of Zorro).

Newer variants of Zoro/Zora are "Zauro/Zaura" and the "charming" pseudo superlative "Turbozoro/Turbozora".

I love the cynicism, fierce and synthetic, of the Romans!

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