26 January 2013

Crisis? What crisis?

We are in the worst global economic downturn since the Second World War (ended 68 years ago). But the people of consumers think to be a millionaire. Yet, in 2012, in the world, are sold chewing gums for $ 2 billion. The amazing thing is that the price, per kilogram, of a pack of chewing gums is exorbitant!

In Italy, a common pack of chewing gum, if bought on eBay, costs € 53,33 per kiloIn shopping centers is not hard to find chewing gums and candy's that reach € 150,00/200,00 per kiloTo understand the absurdity of the consumption of chewing gums, consider that, in Italy, the "Champagne Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Gift Box" is sold, on the internet, at a price of € 43,56 per liter.

The moral?
1) the smart seller will always try to highlight the unit price and to hide the price per kilo or the price per liter;
2) the smart consumer will do exactly the opposite approach.

P. S.: on the internet, they sell chewing gums "for the treatment of nausea and vomiting in children and pregnant women," (which contain, as the active ingredient, only 5% of ginger). The cost per kilo? € 605,41!!!

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