28 January 2013

Cicero squirms in his grave...

Civil Court of Appeal of Roma: two recent followers of Cicero.

The first: a young Trainee Lawyer at the hearing in jeans, offering the right side at the President and with your thumbs firmly on the pockets. And when the President asks him if he is informed of the cause, the Trainee Lawyer mumbles something (much annoyed!) and he seals its performance with a "but fuck you...".

The second: a Lawyer at the hearing, wearing a yellow shocking tie on white shirt striped red rust.

With these premises, i imagine a future full on shops of Lawyer, on the ground floor and with their storefront: a bit like a butcher's shop.

umpteenth defilè of male haute couture at the Rome Court of Civil Appeals. Tradition versus innovation.
The senior lawyer exhibits:
1) green cloth hat in Tyrolean style, 2) beard old of a couple of days, 3) sweater directly shoved in his pants (!), 4) cloth trousers, obscenely flared and along to the ground , 5) shoes, Clark type, dating from the 1st Punic war, filthy and threadbare over every limit imposed by physics, 6) toga with left shoulder strap over the right shoulder and the right shoulder on his right elbow, in order to clean up permanently (with admirable civic sense), with half of his gown pours to the ground, those portions of the pavement where the pants has not arrived.
Faced with so much pomp, the young practitioner/neo Lawyer, envious, not content to spend his usual goatee (of ordinance!) like an philosopher, reacts with pride and exhibits:
1) a purple cloth jacket, 2) a black shirt with white horizontal stripes, 3) a regimental tie pink and blue, 4) a very formal pair of cowboy boots.

Stuff able to indemnify you widely of the your years of sacrifice.

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