30 September 2014


It's amazing to note how many couples do not take any account of the type of family menage dominant both in own family of origin and in the family of origin of their future partner.

In fact, I think that certainly the majority of divorces occurs certainly due to incompatibility of character and of irreconcilable difference of respective life plans, but I firmly believe that those psychological profiles and those projects of life are nothing more than the exact result of the imprinting, of the model learned in the home of the family of origin. That is, I firmly believe that each of us tends unconsciously to transpose in its couple relationship those patterns seen and learned within their own family of origin, as in a sort of compulsion to repeat, of mimesis, of Pavlovian reflex.

A woman who has had a dominant father or a balanced pair of parents, in the first case will find the lazy and utilitarian adaptation of its partner, or, in the second case, she will eliminate a major obstacle to the success of their menage.

But a woman who has had a dominant mother, almost surely she will meet insurmountable problems to gain acceptance by his partner of a scheme so disadvantageous for the latter. Mutatis mutandis, the same reasoning I believe it can be done from the side of the male.

Therefore, to think of it, womens with a dominant mother and and men's with a dominant father seem to me categories greatly at risk in a marital perspective. And when these two risk categories are put in pairs, the explosion of the couple seems to me it almost certain.

Similarly, women and men who have anaffective parents and with a cohesion based on the commonality of production targets, they will tend to believe that the only viable model in their menage this is. Obviously, this model will not have explosive effect on the torque only when it will be common to both (as, for example, between schizoids).

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