14 May 2015

The eternal life.

But that God exists or not, to what extent this would change the dignity and the praxis of our life? If we had irrefutable proof that God does not exist, we should consider ourselves less worthyAnd our behaviors objectively immoral would be less immoral?

And why should we be eternals?

What we would have done us, of so much original and meritorious, for to be eternals?

And why should be desirable have eternally our life?

And if there really was the resurrection of the body, it would not be sadistic to live forever, with own original body, for a cripple or a infant?

And if, once deads, we discover that God exists but is called Manitou: Manitou that, to reward us (!!!), it makes us ride eternally an horse in the green meadows, but forgot that, for a life, we suffered of herniated disk?

Or, if we discover that God is muslim and that he reward (!!!) also the gays deads with 72 virgins girls?

On the other hand, worldwide there are, to date, about 4.200 religions (and without counting the sects and the tribal cults). Well, it does not seem to me much comforting to think that, in any case, they are all false except one.

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