03 April 2016

The maze of mirrors.

"And God said: us make man at our image, at our likeness" (Genesis 1: 26-27): ... but, in truth, it was God to have been created by men at their image and likeness!

To quote Xenophanes of Colophon, "... Οι Αιθίοπες λένε ότι οι θεοί τους είναι μαύροι με κοντή μύτη Οι Θράκες πως οι δικοί τους είναι γαλανομάτηδες και κοκκινοτρίχηδες" [Ethiopians say that their gods are snub–nosed and black, Thracians that they are pale and red-haired], "... αν τα άλογα και τα βόδια είχαν τα χέρια και μπορούσαν να ζωγραφίσουν οι θεοί τους θα ‘μοιαζαν πολύ με άλογα και βόδια ..." [If oxen and lions had hands and could paint as men do, they would give to the gods that they would draw the bodies like theirs: the horses, putting them under the figure of horses, the oxen under the figure of oxen].

Not for random, I have never met people similar to God but, conversely, too often I heard about Gods very similar to men.

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